It Hit Me Hard [Destiel- Highschool- Human!Cas]

It Hit Me Hard [Destiel- Highschool- Human!Cas]

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Lucifer By Devastratta Completed

WARNING: I WAS 13-14 WHEN I WROTE THIS, it is decently executed but there ARE major plot holes in the begining and things are sorta rushed in the begining AND MANY spelling errors. Enjoy :)

Dean and Cas live a normal life, with normal school, and normal love, except the fact that there on the run from truancy police and child services. 

What happens when Dean contracts something deadly.

(tw: drinking, child abuse, child molestation, and death.)
[Human!Cas teen!Cas teen!Dean teen!Sam]

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                              OH HELL NO
                              NOT MY MOOSE, YOU SON OF A BÍTCH
Always_Late_For_Tea Always_Late_For_Tea Apr 12, 2017
I personally prefer throwing my alarm clock to smashing it. One to many sprained wrists from breaking them kinda just made me stop. Now I have one that bounces and is covered in plastic, and is now also wrapped in galaxy print duct tape.
-Pebble -Pebble Apr 10, 2017
I always act mature at school but at home someone could yell penis and I'll wheeze my ass off
Wait. What about what Meg said. She said Winchester wanted some too. Umm
I took a sharp in hale to scrrech, but realised it was 4 in the morning and choked on the air in my throat. Ow
VanessaBurn8 VanessaBurn8 Dec 26, 2017
Y'know I'd say stranger danger but regardless of Dean's intentions they're still gonna end up in bed together so yea