It Hit Me Hard [Destiel- Highschool- Human!Cas]

It Hit Me Hard [Destiel- Highschool- Human!Cas]

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Lucifer By Devastratta Completed

WARNING: I WAS 13-14 WHEN I WROTE THIS, it is decently executed but there ARE major plot holes in the begining and things are sorta rushed in the begining AND MANY spelling errors. Enjoy :)

Dean and Cas live a normal life, with normal school, and normal love, except the fact that there on the run from truancy police and child services. 

What happens when Dean contracts something deadly.

(tw: drinking, child abuse, child molestation, and death.)
[Human!Cas teen!Cas teen!Dean teen!Sam]

I personally prefer throwing my alarm clock to smashing it. One to many sprained wrists from breaking them kinda just made me stop. Now I have one that bounces and is covered in plastic, and is now also wrapped in galaxy print duct tape.
I always act mature at school but at home someone could yell penis and I'll wheeze my ass off
my sons a fag, i weep, the goats scream. my child is a cigarette. i look to my husband. he is only an iceburg lettuce.
Okay, cas that is bad you should never get into a car with strangers.....but it is dean, and personally I don't mind if they end up somewhere else then school
He wasnt that bad wait nvm i just recalled seasons like 1-3 yeah he was a terrible father