Sissy Boy

Sissy Boy

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It never is easy to watch a loved one slip right into death's clutches. That torturous strain in your chest and sting in your eyes everytime you so much as get a little memory of that person.

Being left with none other than a raging alcoholic as a father, the broken boy has to cope with life, going as far as indulging in self malignant acts in order to pull through.

  Ryder Hart never knew what hit him the day he stormed out of his house after his now rehabilitated father discloses news of remarriage. That day, he had come across the sheltered and timid crossdresser, Aleister Carter. 

Both boys seem to hit things off as friends, not even realizing the blossoming feelings they were slowly catching for each other. As time went on, these feelings bloomed, one was determined and the other was confused. 

In this romantic LGBT thriller, we watch as several obstacles get in the way of love between a depressed smoker and a sissy boy.




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