Poetry From The Heart(Attys Collection)

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Tad Merrill By TadMerrill Completed
This is my collection of poems for the Atty awards. I am not skilled in defining types of poetry, nor do I categorize my poetry in "types". I believe poetry should not be constrained by "verses" or "types" or anything like that. However, I have attempted to categorize them in accordance with the Atty competition's rules. All of this poetry is special and sentimental to me, and it all comes from the heart. I hope you all enjoy!!!
@TadMerrill Oh that's cool :) I went away for the weekend so I didn't get to finish reading them all but I'm slowly working on it.
                                    Haha, someone's lazy... lol I'm exactly the same. Once a piece is done its done; no ifs, buts, or exceptions. Only moving forwards... Well at least it's some help!
such a strong poem and thought provoking poem, much needed in this brain dead world ... and lol in one of my poems i wrote about mother nature, though not precisely in the same context... freaky coincidence! :-D
It rhymed, made sense, and told a story. I love it! Ill read your other poems later i still gots to read other poems:)
Awwwhhh it's beautiful <3 
                                    of course i'll voted .
                                    keep writing more :)