Over Land & Under Stone

Over Land & Under Stone

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Robin McElveen/Melody Kittles By MKRMAuthor Updated Jul 03

(This book is still in the revision stage.) Zec Inessi sees dreams. Who doesn't, right? But these are prophetic dreams. Zec's gift could mean exile for him if the Divini'I discover his secret. When confronted by the nosy law-keeper, Shi Malaki, Zec's parents decide he must travel to Gild'n Shrine to secretly make his m'sa'filam (pilgrimage). Such a treacherous path to the far north requires a trustworthy guide. They seek the help of Master Tor Gervell, sending Zec off with the traditional blessing: "Walk well the path which lies before you." But have they made their move in time?

The darkness growing in Genzet threatens to destroy more than Zec's life. Two factions war within Genzet while two religions tear these factions apart from within. Their striving stirs the legendary Menterria, the stone protectors of Genzet, to wakefulness. 

Why has Andurdrao given Zec this gift? Can the Children of Y'Dahnndrya reclaim their purpose? Or will zealots and heretics create a chasm not even the Menterria can bridge?

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