Minor Delusions

Minor Delusions

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Is it a problem if you are low-key being stalked? (Asking for a friend.)

Pasithea "Tea" Johnson is an expert at avoiding conflict. So what if some creep keeps messing with her stuff and leaving not-very-threatening notes for her to find? If she ignores the problem, maybe he will just go away.

She's also avoiding questioning her relationship with her best friend Sean, who she is 98% sure she is not in love with. She isn't even jealous of Sophie, his gorgeous out-of-town girlfriend. But once Tea and Sophie meet by chance, Tea wonders if she might unwittingly be part of a love triangle. Good thing Tea avoids conflict, or this might cause trouble

How can you tell if you are falling in love? (Asking for a friend.)

(Former Title: Delusions of Grace)
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