Bad Girl Lennon

Bad Girl Lennon

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evie By getsholywater Updated Jul 16

Kingdom High School was your ordinary cliche high school with its cliques. You have the populars. Jocks. Nerds. Band geeks. Outcasts. Delinquents.
Then you have Lennon and her friends. They don't belong in no clique. Although, everyone in that school decided to give them their own. 

Lennon Elizabeth SaintClare wasn't your typical good girl. She's far from it. You can say her reputation precedes her. She doesn't give a shit. She does what she wants, and gets what she wants. She's a bad girl. She's a player. 

But what happens when the one and only Xander King returns to Rosewell. 

The bad boy himself. 

Lennon could care less about who he is but Xander on the other hand. Was intrigued. He wants to know who exactly is this girl.

And when they finally get to know each other. Well. 

Read and find out if Lennon and Xander turn to hate one another or will other feelings prevail?


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