The Dark Epigram

The Dark Epigram

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Heinrich had an eye for picking up details that most people missed. It's why the Chief had chosen him to lead this investigation. If anyone could come close to solving this, Heinrich was the perfect person to do it.

Grey eyes slowly scanned the room, his breathing came in slow shallow breaths, as his brain tried to process everything. The room smelled of blood and Heinrich made a note not to touch anything, even though he was itching to. He had his own special procedures to follow, observe first, touch later.

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In the late 19th century German Empire, Heinrich Hofrichter is a detective attached to the Berlin Police Headquarters. His job is to assist in criminal cases that are deemed too complicated for the average, every day policemen to figure out.

There have been complaints about a prankster who has been causing disorder and mayhem about the city. What started out as a few practical jokes, soon turns into something more sinister.

🔅Contains thematic issues and mild violence. 

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🥇1st Place in Mystery/Thriller category in:
▫️The 5th Ohana Awards 
▫️The Disco Awards 2019 

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▫️Best Characters 
▫️Best Prose 

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