Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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cryaotickun By cryaotickun Updated Jul 18

Slow progress writing 


Its getting there so check it out if you wanna

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XD dammit Pru...this is what happens when you get drunk. Also Lud's gonna kill you. LOLOL
KIKU!? YOU CREATED HETALIA!? well that actually explains a lot but still. XD Sorry I know we're not supposed to pick Hetalia so ya...I'll go with Black Butler.XD
                              SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DOITSU
                               #sorrynotsorry #doitsu
God dammit Gilbert! Why out of all the times why are you reading a perfectly good drink!? X (
Boku No Hero Academia! The second season is coming out March 25 of this year!
Prussia, bro,  I love you and stuff but the ass a la sexy is off limits