Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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cryaotickun By cryaotickun Updated Jul 18, 2017

Slow progress writing 


Its getting there so check it out if you wanna

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JuliaUchiha JuliaUchiha Nov 28, 2017
Just don't get him drunk! He is an angry drunk!
                              Well, he's an angry sober, so just imagine how much worse the anger is.
NapKinSmols NapKinSmols Dec 08, 2017
Hetalia??(wait frick I can't) BLACK BUTLER MAKE WAY FOR JIKAN KAGE M8
JaidinjackBorenski JaidinjackBorenski Jul 10, 2017
KIKU!? YOU CREATED HETALIA!? well that actually explains a lot but still. XD Sorry I know we're not supposed to pick Hetalia so ya...I'll go with Black Butler.XD
Bartender, this reminds me of Desmond from Assassin's Creed XD
JuliaUchiha JuliaUchiha Nov 28, 2017
Black Butler or Ouran High School Host Club (no way am I even considering tainting the redub of Sailor Moon). Who would I be though?
Ouran, Free!, Black Butler, And Attack on Titan!?! wow! I'm set for life!