Wielders: Protectors of the Realms

Wielders: Protectors of the Realms

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An obsidian fog slowly washed over the room, a silent killer. Her shadows suffocated any light that dared peek out. The Soulless paid no attention as the serpent-like tendrils pulled the demons apart, creating an easy pathway. A small, cloaked figure strutted through the pulverized doors, followed by dozens more Soulless who lapped up our terror hungrily. They were no doubt waiting for her command to finish the deed.

I'd never seen anything like it before. "What are you?"

No answer.

"You're the lapdog aren't you, The Dark Apprentice--The Herald of Death," Don accused before a dark tendril morphed over his mouth to silence him.

Don and I dismissed the rumors of that wicked mage, Malena, training a more powerful successor. They were absurd and sparse with actual information. The stories of mass destruction and control over pure darkness were nonsensical. The Council made several jokes at Malena's expense, writing them off as folklore.

If someone with that kind of power existed, they'd be the end to both the Light and Dark Realm.

Basically, I'm fucked.


Ever since the blade of light appeared in his hand as a young apprentice, Sora Escurio has been praised as the "chosen one" for his prophesied success. However, Sora alone can't stop the rising darkness from consuming the universe.  

When his fiancée is kidnapped, Sora is stuck working with the feared evil henchwoman, Ellery. The Dark Apprentice has secrets of her own that continue to haunt her soul, which lays in near tatters at the hands of the villainous, dark Queen Malena. Destined to either save or destroy the universe, the two Wielders must defeat Malena before her demon army plunges the Realms into total darkness once and for all.

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