Agent Hel  a loki's daughter fic

Agent Hel a loki's daughter fic

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Olivia Potter By Mae_the_force Completed

I only own Hel, and all else belongs to marvel and Norse mythology and what not. There you have it. My first Thor/avengers/loki's child fic so I'll do my best to do them justice.

Really quick, I want to point out that I do this on my phone, so spell check often messes up my words. At one point I did go back and comment on what words it messed up, and I will later go back and edit it to fix the mistakes. Therefore, if you see a comment correcting a certain word, it is likely me. I've gotten a couple comments on my edits because some readers haven't realized that they're my comments (no hard feelings, I appreciate the thought) and so I'd like to take a moment to say that most of those comments are mine. 

Also, if you see any other mistakes, feel free to comment, and I'll be sure to go back and correct them all later. 

Thanks! I appreciate everything you've done for this series, and I love reading your comments, so keep them coming!

SkyWolf1532 SkyWolf1532 Jun 28, 2016
You said to let you know about spelling mistakes, so at the beginning it says "Clint feel asleep inn the..." It should be "Clint fell asleep in the..." 
                              Hope that helps!
Cby2288 Cby2288 Feb 17, 2016
I have tried many times to sew that starks midguardian mouth he always gets out of it father (loki lol i like pretending and technically rping with myself anyone can join) has helped me have 5 trick or midguardian terms prank wars with tony me and father win by around 60
doctorwhovian2000 doctorwhovian2000 Dec 26, 2015
Oh my gosh this is so CUTE! I can't... I mean I just... Agh...
emcdo70 emcdo70 Jan 15, 2015
That's like me. I also do " hello you have reached Pizza Hut may I take your order "
emcdo70 emcdo70 Jan 15, 2015
Yes of course Tony's gonna say that he is a Stark if you haven't noticed
AgentGrimm33 AgentGrimm33 Jan 08, 2015
tiny question that might be stupid... how old is Hel supposed to be?