my secret

my secret

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Samantha Solorzano By samsolorzano4 Updated Jul 22, 2015

Samantha spinx is a trained street fighter has been ever since she was little. when she wins yet another fight she runs into Justin Bonnie one of the many kids that thought she was a defenceless little nerd that couldn't stick up for herself. After the fight the next day she goes with her father the owner of the street fighting arena to train the newbies and she and she finds out Justin in a student well she go easy in him or make him suffer like her? or will she end up falling for him?

find out in my secret.


How could that even be possible? I mean I have hazel eyes so they can also be green blue or brown but not purple or red. And I can't control when they change
When you have green eyes they can change color but you can't make them change and you can't choose what color
Pre fighting excitement in your family = waking up to your dad dancing to we are the campions your brother being weird and your mom twerking..... Ok then.......
I have brown eyes but sometimes they just go green or blue when I'm mad or sad
Why... Would your mum twerk in front of your whole family to 'we are the champions'?
Omg I'm still laughing about it and it's been 20 minutes I was crying tears of joy