Remedy {BoyxBoy}

Remedy {BoyxBoy}

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Aaron Shelly By AriShelly Completed

Arden McHale used to be part of the best relationship in history, in his own opinion. Until his now-ex-girlfriend decided to cheat on him. Then, well, things went a little downhill. What do you do when your girlfriend since senior year breaks up with you? You go get drunk. Hammered. Smashed. Wasted. And you wake up next to someone else with a splitting headache. You didn't ask questions. You just do it. However, what Arden wasn't expecting, was to wake up next to another guy.

He wasn't expecting the other guy to be in an abusive relationship, either.

So now what's the plan? Try to help his new 'friend' through his unstable relationship, and at the same time trying to come to terms with his new found sexuality. Of course, the frequent sex doesn't really help. But who's he to complain about it?


Tylj13 Tylj13 Jul 29
If only every book character was this blunt! Then again there'd be no confusions and thus no plot!
A91011 A91011 Jul 03
Awww my best friends birthday is May 22 lucky little sh! T always sharing birthday with characters
Omfg 😂😂😂 well whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
Wtf how does one function saying something completely different to that!?😂😂😂😂😂
I was gonna comment straight people cuz I thought I was gonna be real original but apparently not.
freckledlou freckledlou Feb 15
Lmao sounds like some shít I would say god I like this book already