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Natilie has always wanted a mate and dreamed that he'd take her away but sadly she's rejected, but does she finds another mate? Maybe but is he her true mate? plus she has to deal with the pressure of saving the whole werewolf realm from the evil hands of an evil Kolide, Will she find the mystery of why she had a second mate? Will her true mate want her back? Who will win the battle? Good or evil? 

( Credit to WordsWithLove for the cover )

| Dude, I was like eleven when I wrote this. I'm working on editing the book but I hope you enjoy it anyway. You have been warned. |

I'm just going to say right off the bat just because you wrote this when you were young doesn't justify anything. And ok chapter
Dont wanna be offensive but 1 wat is her name and 2 how old is she?
rejected_mate rejected_mate Apr 07, 2016
Don't you mean groaned? I'm just like imagining the sickest scene with like everyone moaning.. In pleasure 😂
prettybluehues prettybluehues Mar 30, 2016
I feel the story is a bit rushed and not proper but I see that you have been editing it. Nice work. Keep going
theUntaken theUntaken Aug 14, 2016
You said at the top 'A single tear streamed down my face. I wiped THEM away" it should be it.