Invisible // jenzie

Invisible // jenzie

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Johnny Orlando, the biggest player in the school, sits with his friends (Hayden summerall, and Carson lueders) at lunch as they wait for his sister and other friends. 

"What about that girl?" Carson says pointing to a very pretty girl with light red hair. 

"No too mean." He replied.

They are trying to find a girl to play. 

"Her?" Hayden asked pointing at a blonde.

"No too gossipy." He states "her."

He points to the brunette sitting by the door by herself. She had her hair over her face, her eyes only focusing on her phone. The broken girl. 

"I've never seen her before. She must be new." Hayden says.

Johnny stands up and walks over to the girl. He sits down next to her and she doesn't seem to notice him. He lightly touched her arm and she pulled away instantly. 

"Hey." He says with a smirk.

"Hi?" She asked more nervous than confused.

"You new here?" He asked as she scoffed. 

"What do you want?" She asked annoyed. 

"Your number would be nice." He smirked. 

She l...