My Mate is The Mafia King

My Mate is The Mafia King

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Keliane Ruiz,  a young human 17 year old girl who just moved to Manhattan, New York and wanted to live a simple life. She was 'the ball magnet' (When any type of sport ball always comes and whacks you) in school and an outcast.

 Her life turns upside down when she is kidnapped and is to marry Roan Abbiati, the soon to be  werewolf Italian mafia king.(Who is also her mate) She later discovers  that there is something that is pulling them together like a magnet. 

Roan Abbiati, the oh-so calm, almost collected, and posessive soon to be Mafia King. When he finds Keliane, his mate, he wants to take her right there and right now. His wolf goes haywire over her scent.

Keliane has feelings for the mafia king and always wanted to be with him. Her life is in danger when  she has powers that every mafia boss wanted to have  and every mafia girl was jealous of, the power of attraction. She was always hunted down for her powers  and was protected for it.

Wars will break out, some hearts will be broken, and people will be lost.

 Will Keliane and Roan  be able to be together in peace or will they die doing it?

Also, how would you feel if a dude in an Armani suit kidnapped YOU? 

Im not really good with paragraphs!!
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  • human
  • kidnapped
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  • romance
  • war
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MaNiqqaOlaf MaNiqqaOlaf Feb 23, 2016
Damn..... i start school late like 11:50....I only have 4 classes in total. Two classes every dat beside Mondays in which I have all 4.....And Im not in college either..... CLASS OF 2017 BÏTCHES!!!
shakalawn shakalawn Nov 27, 2016
I thought she was going to try and say a badass comeback- thank goodness she didn't it would have been embarrassing
PerfectlyxxUnperfect PerfectlyxxUnperfect May 11, 2016
Idk why but I thought of Geum Jan Di from boys over flowers😂😂😂
shakalawn shakalawn Nov 27, 2016
Genetics are incredible. My dad is black and my mom white and instead of being mixed-race, I'm white (well I am mixed-race but you can't really see it). My children can be black though
shakalawn shakalawn Nov 27, 2016
I'm trying to eat chocolate but my braces are making it difficult
shakalawn shakalawn Nov 27, 2016
Yes!!! Doing that sort of kicks when you don't do any "combat sports"(?) is dangerous!! Imagine you're not flexible enough and you just fall on your butt?