Take Two

Take Two

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Love and death may be opposites, inverses and incredibly contradictory- but they do have something in common. They are the only two things that have the power to change Zoe Finley. 

The death of her twin brother stripped Zoe of her genuinely positive outlook on life, but the love of Carter Jacobs may be the only thing that can bring her back to the way she once was. 

After Carter and Zoe are paired together for an English project, Zoe is thrown back into the world that she has tried so desperately to avoid. Will she be able to handle the pressure or will she crumble without her brother by her side?

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quartzeyes quartzeyes Apr 28
I always avoid the mirror because it immediately makes me sad
Mahamqueen Mahamqueen Aug 07
It's already the first chapter and i m laready tearing up :-*
anxietal anxietal Jan 31, 2016
YouTube helps me through a lot of things that my friends can't
eleutheromaniia eleutheromaniia Mar 06, 2016
                              YOU NEED THEM
                              YOU SO NEED THEM
                              DONT DO THAT ZOE!!!! 
                              DONT PUSH THEM AWAY
heartofvoid heartofvoid May 11, 2016
I'm fourteen and have a slight obsession with YouTube 😱😱😱😱
immeanbeuty immeanbeuty Sep 07, 2016
I would have a heart attack cause I have experience it before