Damned ✵ Stiles Stilinski

Damned ✵ Stiles Stilinski

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yonce By -txrgaryen Updated May 29

After dealing with the strange happenings in Beacon Hills, Scott and Stiles believe the worst is finally over, but little do they know that the worst has just arrived.  Not only do they have to figure out who is behind the human sacrifices, they have to deal with a whole pack of Alphas and the worst them all: 


Deucalion's daughter.

 *Season 3A + 3B*

AlyssaModl AlyssaModl Apr 29
I love this but this is the only book I've ever read in my life
If Amelia is Deucalion's daughter wouldn't she also have an English accent
😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 When your a Delena shipper
mwatson_ mwatson_ Apr 10
I love how the 5sos fam took charge to think of Ashton Irwin! Yes fam!
oodlenoodle oodlenoodle Nov 16, 2015
This sounds amazing and so original! (Get it? TVD? The Originals? Nina?)
modderncynic_1738 modderncynic_1738 Sep 24, 2014
This is already such a great story. The idea is so original.