Damned ✵ Stiles Stilinski

Damned ✵ Stiles Stilinski

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shae. By -txrgaryen Updated Jul 20, 2017

After the death of her mother and boyfriend, Amelia has never been the same ever since. The once sweet and kind girl turned into every parent's worst nightmare and now an Alpha pack's worst nightmare as even they struggle to deal with her.

Hearing news of Derek Hale's new Alpha title, Deucalion, has the uncontrollable desire to have him in his pack. With this desire meant the pack have to move to Beacon Hills, much to Amelia's distaste.

Well that is, until Amelia meets a certain Jeep driving boy, Stiles Stilinksi.

Trying to fight the urge to be close to Stiles, she tries to do Deucalion's dirty work quickly in hopes to get away, but with the mess of human sacrifices it looks like the Alpha pack might be staying longer than expected.

 *Season 3A + 3B*

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3RACHAA 3RACHAA Jun 13, 2017
oKAY SO THAT'S ACTUAL LIFE GOALS. too rebellious for even THE alpha pack struggle to handle you
AmelliaTallard AmelliaTallard Jan 31, 2017
Lol tgis caught my attention beccause my names Amellia but this is really good and its only the 2nd paragraph good job love it ❤❤
AlyssaModl AlyssaModl Apr 29, 2016
I love this but this is the only book I've ever read in my life
-bubi- -bubi- Aug 21, 2016
If Amelia is Deucalion's daughter wouldn't she also have an English accent
oodlenoodle oodlenoodle Nov 16, 2015
This sounds amazing and so original! (Get it? TVD? The Originals? Nina?)
modderncynic_1738 modderncynic_1738 Sep 24, 2014
This is already such a great story. The idea is so original.