The Watchers Child

The Watchers Child

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karlbryan1994 By karlbryan1994 Updated Jul 19

Long ago a being known as the watcher. Protected the universe. Then chaos came with Gaia. Chaos feared her because she was more powerful then the gods themselves. Out of fear he locked her up.  But Tartarus released her and whipped her mind. 

Two thousand years later
A girl named neka seems to be powerful.  Percy, annabeth Nico Jason  and Thaila.  Show up to save her when monsters attack.  But sometimes happens with neka and the Olympians feel it. 

.DICLAIMER - I don't own any of these characters from  PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) or HoO (heroes of Olympus) characters (Percy, annabeth Nico Jason  and Thaila) Rick R does.

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