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The Tattooed Princess

The Tattooed Princess

233K Reads 8.3K Votes 45 Part Story
Califia Montalvo By Califia Completed

Zaria was a princess-not by blood but by capture. She was abducted in her teens from the western Slavic tribes and kept as a virgin by the powerful warring king, Sharvur. Cruel and strategically gifted, his Scythian armies controlled all the territories in the shadows of the Altai Mountains to the east, some twenty-six hundred years before our time. 

Told by the oldest shaman in his land, that as long as Zaria remained pure of body and did not succumb to the lust which permeated Sharvur's court, his kingdom would remain invincible. But like the fanciful tattoos which Zaria had added each year to her supple body, her curiosity and desires increased, threatening to bring down the empire.                   

In 1993 a team of Russian archaeologists discovered a rich burial tomb on the bleak steppes bordering Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.  Frozen and remarkably preserved in the permafrost, they uncovered the mysterious body of a woman they would call the "Siberian Princess." Her body was yet that of a young female, but she had the most compelling tattoos ever discovered in ancient history. 

This is her story. How she loved and how she died.

[The two-part saga "The Tattooed Princess" is aditionally available in e-book format through Amazon Kindle Books. Find the original "Book One" ("Book Two: Escape to the West" is still in Wattpad process), and other completed works of Califia Montalvo on her Amazon profile page here: ]

AdriaMenthe AdriaMenthe Feb 19, 2016
This is a fantastic prologue. It is flirty, informative, and yet not too informative. I look forward to reading more.
kodiewrites kodiewrites Aug 16, 2016
Wow, this has me instantly hooked. Adding this to my library. You seem like such a talented writer.
Katarina0724 Katarina0724 Jan 18, 2016
It is very intriguing and beautifully written so far. Love it!
SerenityR0se SerenityR0se Dec 16, 2015
It's nice to see the brutes have their own morals and codes.  It sounds like such a difficult life for these girls. Will they be separated or will they stand together? Has me wondering now.
Amanda575 Amanda575 May 05, 2015
btw califia you are an amazing author and story teller. i appreciate the fact that you actually care and respond to your readers. i am a huge fan of reading and especially think it's something special when someone takes constructive criticism. you're awesome sauce!!!! lol
- - Jan 11, 2015
                              IMMA JUST GET BACK TO READING