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The bad boy saved me

The bad boy saved me

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DD By mrsddhoran Completed

What will happen when the bad boy falls in love with the abused girl?  Will he save her from her abusive parents or will he Hurt her just like them?    Will she fall in love with him or be scared of him?                                                                                   Read and find out

twilliams92703 twilliams92703 Oct 10, 2016
Everyone else's life when they go to a new school:
                              Have a nice day sweetie, make some friends, and have fun.
Already like the book description, but you actually know how to right! So that's a plus!
                              FÜCK THIS SHÏT AND IM OUT
                              *Alexandra left the conversation *
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 Sep 03, 2016
Daddy...the internet ruined this word for me,i will never be able to call my dad this again
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 Sep 03, 2016
This daddy thing you have going on you need to cut it....Aaaay
                              CUT IT
                              CUT IT
                              CUT IT
                              CUT IT....
ndopie ndopie Nov 27, 2016
I can't call my dad daddy. firstly because ew! and secondly because we're not native English speakers. good for me