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Mr. Composure

Mr. Composure

6.8K Reads 221 Votes 5 Part Story
Shaun Allan By ShaunAllan Completed

"Once upon a time..."  All the best stories begin that way. Once upon a time, Jack climbed a beanstalk. Cinderella did go to the ball.    Once upon a time, his parents died.    When your parents are killed in front of you, on the one day of the year when all crime is legal, what do you do?   You prepare for next year. You prepare for payback....
  With the new installment of the Purge: Election Day coming, read Mr. Composure and see it from a completely different perspective!

  • action
  • anarchy
  • darkness
  • electionday
  • featured
  • film
  • horror
  • movie
  • mystery
  • nbc
  • thepurge
  • thriller
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