Red & White

Red & White

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"They've figured her out, please, do something to help her...I tried to keep her safe and I failed."

He was red; dark and powerful.
She was white; pure and graceful. 

Harry was the most handsome prince ever to rule England. Women threw themselves at him, but he just backed away. He didn't want anyone, much to the Queen's dislike. Harry needed to have a wife. He was twenty-one and at this time, he was already late on the rode to marriage. Not like he cared. 

Leah was the girl in the corner of every room. She was different and looked over. Being in the lowest-class of society, she was never invited anywhere by anyone. It was just her and truthfully, Leah didn't mind. 

Nobody knew her name. That is, until one man spots her in a crowd and realizes that she may be his last hope at pleasing his mother. 

Harry doesn't even have to love her through this all. 

And what happens when war breaks out after three years? The Prince of England has the power to save this nobody girl. But will he choose to?

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