The Boyfriend Swap (BWWM)

The Boyfriend Swap (BWWM)

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Nasiaaa By KWeenNae Updated Jul 04

What do you do when two bestfriends hate their bestfriend's boyfriend? Make them swap boyfriend's of course!  -   

Jasmine Anderson was your typical ordinary girl. She grew up in the middle class and went to a mixed populated school, along with her boyfriend and best friend who despise each other. Everyone looks at her as being a normal girl like everyone else, except someone she hates. Daniel Smith. . . Her best friends  boyfriend.   

   Daniel Smith was a guy who looked down on almost everybody. He had a reputation that he had to follow, even if that's not he really was. Daniel lived in the upper class, with his high expectations and fancy cars. He learned from a young age that if you wanted something than take it. But someone stood in his way, someone he truly hated. Jasmine Anderson . . . his girlfriends best friend.     

 When their friends come up with a plan to stop the rivalry between them. All hell breaks out, and people see everyone's true colors. But what happens when they find out the true feelings they had towards each other? Will they finally come together? Or end up hurting each other even more?   

  Find out what happens in... The Boyfriend Swap.     

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Yes! Although that never happened to me unless there was no specific directions given
Lol, you just had to ruin the moment? 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Still not exactly seeing how they could date the guys that their best friend hates..😂😑😕😕
No one looks like that in grade 10. We all look like little kids
Why did I smile at this. Oh because we're talking about The Keke Palmer playing a role as Jasmine
Lmfaoooooo I just pictured this and it's so funny 😂😂😂