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C. C. Lynch By JockNaki Completed

Water on Earth is no longer pure and healthy to consume. Yet nearly twelve billion people and the rest of life entire need it to thrive.

Everyone knows of Cobalt - a world of pure frozen water with enough of the stuff to supply all life for hundreds of years. It is far away and orbits a brown dwarf - a failed star that never grew massive enough to ignite itself. There, dark has a whole new meaning. And it's cold and isolated. Only the toughest work there. Lots of adults return petrified of the dark, and out there, light becomes an obsession - an intense craving.

Horrible events lead to the demand of more workers, and one young soul finds themselves on the next shipment to Cobalt. But after an encounter with the most feared rogue artificial intelligence in existence, this young person is thrown into an enormous blossoming conspiracy involving many people around them.

Amidst the dark storm that is spreading between Earth and the ice planet, a well-known terrorist dynasty have their sights set on Cobalt and the brown dwarf that failed to ignite. And sparks ignite things . . . right?

Inspired by Prompt #11 'The Brown Dwarf' from Wattpad's SciFi prompt list: