Fading away || {Yoongi x BTS}

Fading away || {Yoongi x BTS}

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Liyra By Liyrica Updated 6 days ago

"Yoongi stop making so many mistakes" 

That's isn't what Hoseok said but his brain sure made it sound like that

"Just fucking stay in your studio and rot in there until you die"

Isn't even close to what Namjoon has said but his depression infused brain twisted the leaders kind words into ones filed with hate and vennom


During preparations for a comeback the other members forget that yoongi's still battling with his demons and sometimes let their stress and annoyance out on him, not realizing that he's close to his breaking point

TW :
- Graphic depiction of Self-Harm
- Mental Health problems
- Suicidal thoughts