Percy Jackson Meets the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Percy Jackson Meets the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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When Percy loses almost everything, he cuts off his remaining ties and heads off into the clueless mortal world. 

Percy builds a new family but is struggling to protect them. 

Percy must pull himself together to gain the trust of the Avengers themselves... But will Percy trust them?

When all seems lost... Will there be a light to guide Percy... Or rather, 7 lights?

This story is now on - my username in that is FandomAvenger101

Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 15
Awww so cute dying together. Oh wait YOU JUST KILLED ALMOST ALL OF THE SEVEN!?
Why is everyone blaming Percy? We all know Percy would save any of his friends with his life (Fatal flaw...). But, I do have someone else to blame. *Glares at Poseidon and river naiads*
mickdiddy mickdiddy Jun 28
Blood is red
                              Leo is blue
                              All my friends are dead
                              I am forever alone
NZee06 NZee06 Mar 24
Waaaaait. Isn't Hazel shorter then Frank or is she riding Arion?
This author really likes shoulders. Or maybe the author just took the phrase 'a chip on one's shoulder' too seriously. PEACE!
Annabeth... I thought you were smarter than that? Honestly, she won't do that. If she did it, she would at least wear her cap!