Wendy's Long Lost Sister ( A Fairy Tail FanFiction)

Wendy's Long Lost Sister ( A Fairy Tail FanFiction)

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ℓσνє_αηιмє_ƒσяєνєя 2 By Love_Anime_Forever_2 Completed

Wendy has an older sister. Wendy's older sister has been looking for her. When Wendy's older sister finds Wendy. Evil rises in the shadows. Wendy's older sister is hiding something from everybody. What is she hiding? Could it change everybody opinion of her even her own sister?

Warning: This story may have curse words.

Fairy Tail Belongs to Hiro Mashima.

The Rewritten Story is called Don't Forget About Me.

Published: 06-24-14
Status: Completed 11/22/15
Rated: PG-13

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Ayanna400 Ayanna400 Jun 07, 2017
Hey I understand I have my first story to but your Lucy's sister! And it's a Natsu x reader
Masshiro_43 Masshiro_43 Dec 09, 2017
I don’t remember how many time I’ve read tris story but it’s a lot 😂😂😂
Uchiha_Levi Uchiha_Levi Jan 20
This world doesn’t even have cellphones before the one year time skip, why would it have laptops??
AllAmericanWolfs AllAmericanWolfs Jan 12, 2017
Triggered. x.X Lmao. I'm a vegetarian. *realizes no one gives a flying f*ck* Oh okay then. Lmao. Nice story btw!! :3