It all gets to a bad start, Lucy ends up in hospital from Josh. After a while things start to pay off and is new love found?
    Any song lyrics mentioned in this do not belong to me and I have not written the songs.
Ooooh, sounds good already. I'm guessing this was in Max's POV? If so, it was really good.
                                    Just so I know, you've used an early picture for your cover, so when is this based? Obviously it's before Sinners... was released? But I still thought it was good =) xx
@CrashAlwaysAttract okay well I'll start reading it tomorrow I need to do some work on my next chapter or there won't be an update for over a week but I'll read your story while I'm away :) <3
Oooo this is good can't wait to read more, is this from your Tumblr or a different one? <3