Swan Song- A KOTLC fanfiction

Swan Song- A KOTLC fanfiction

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⋇char⋇ By charlottebumblebee Updated Dec 30, 2019

The Neverseen are back, and they've captured Sophie. Her friends are doing everything they can to get her back- but will this be Sophie's swan song?

Conspiracies spiral deeper and deeper as Sophie discovers that the Neverseen have plans that go far beyond what they've learned so far. The only way to get ahead of them is to resort too tactics that they never would have thought of before, and reach inside of themselves to find that their abilities are far more powerful than they realized.

The enemy is advancing quickly, and it's up to Sophie and her friends to protect the Lost Cities from something dangerous and chaotic that could shatter their glittering world. But their time is limited- can they get ahead of the forever-haunting black cloaked figures and get rid of them for good? Or, will they beat them to it and turn the elf's homes into their twisted version of a world?


*This book is written before the plot of Legacy and will not contain any plot details from it!*