Unique Love (Sans x reader)

Unique Love (Sans x reader)

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Monsters were known as a myth to humans. It was told in an old myth book; one with a rare soul, could save all. One foolish human falls down, destined to save a population 

(Y/N) Is a 22 year old college student. Everyone panics once she goes missing! Everyone searched for her; but soon gave up. Meanwhile, (Y/N) is stuck in the underground! After waking up on a pile of golden flowers, she finds herself into a lot of trouble. Sadly, she can't remember much of what happened before she fell. Maybe that'll be a fault into her character later on...

The more (Y/N) ventures in the underground, the more love and friendships bloom. Maybe she'll fall in love with a certain pun-loving skeleton? Or, will everything she cares about crumble to the likes of 👍☟✌☼✌ or even ☝✌💧❄☜☼ himself. 


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