Princess of the Deep {A Pirate's Tale}

Princess of the Deep {A Pirate's Tale}

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Z By Writer_Z505 Updated Sep 02

Coming 2020

A tale of love, loss, hardships, betrayal, Adventure, and the high seas

One mer-princess, a ship full of rowdy, barbaric pirates that only goal seems to be looting the world of it's most precious treasures

A villainous witch with one goal in mind: Revenge on the Gods

The adventure of a lifetime. A Sudden Romance on the high seas. The Betrayal of a loved one and the loss of another

Sail the high seas with the pirates of the Flying Dutchman, Cursed Demon, Jolly Roger, and Crimson Legacy as they fight their curses

Watch as Fawn grows into a strong-willed young woman and becomes accustomed to this new way of life. Will she return to Atlantis or has she found her forever home?

The cover was taken by Corina Alulquoy Brown. Who kindly allowed me to use her photo for my cover! So, a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO HER. Also, she has an Etsy shop called Wild & Free Jewelry! It's BEAUTIFUL!