Its name is Stacey.[Under Construction. Do not click, you rebels. ' v ']

Its name is Stacey.[Under Construction. Do not click, you rebels. ' v ']

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Shirley By shirleynator Updated Mar 22, 2011

While her love life stalks her, Anastasia Journey along with her best friend, Jedidiah Luminor are both targeted by some kind of computer console that called itself Stacey. At first, Stacey gives off warnings of her attack and they thought nothing of it because they were so small and insignificant but once Stacey begins to really cause inevitable damage to Anastasia and Jedidiah’s life, they began to kick it up and do something about it. And as they try to stop Stacey’s sinister motives, they figure out something shocking about her past that stunned them both.

*Note : i copied and pasted this from google documents so wattpad messed up my spacing somehow. >_> And i'm well aware of my terrible terrible grammar. DD:

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shirleynator shirleynator Mar 23, 2011
@Choppy It's okay. ; v ; 
                              You don't have to come back at all if you want you know. ' v '
                              I dont mind. 
                              Everyone has there own tastes, right? ^ v ^
Choppy Choppy Mar 23, 2011
@shirleynator sorry....but maybe if i come back and read on it'll stick on me. It's just that the first chpater didnt really grab me...but by the summary, it did. ^^ So i'll come back to it when i have time. :)
shirleynator shirleynator Mar 23, 2011
@Choppy Sure. ' v '
                              I'll read it now. ' v '
                              I just got on. 
                              Thanks for reading the first chapter but i have a feeling it's not really to your taste. -. _-.
shirleynator shirleynator Mar 22, 2011
@xxLivexVeryxLoudxx Conflict doesn't have to be immediatly thrown out right?' v '
                              And im working on longer chapters. ^ v ^ Thanks for your advice & i'll read one of your works now. ' v ' 
shirleynator shirleynator Mar 22, 2011
@Victoria_Stokes Thank you. :)
                              Im glad you liked it. xD!
                              It made my day. :DD
                              I shall now go read one of your storys. >:DD!
VictoriaStokes VictoriaStokes Mar 21, 2011
another fun chapter :) you're rather good at distinct character personalities. good job ^_^