Twice Born

Twice Born

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Hope By Hope-Adon Completed

Bree and Eve share one body, but they are two girls as different as day and night. Eve is secretive and unpredictable. Bree withholds nothing from her other half. Eve prefers to create resolution through violence. Bree can barely stand the sight of blood. But one goal unites them: desire to be safe from the Trackers who hunt their kind. And for years they wander from city to city, in search of freedom and the little brother Bree believes is still alive.

When Bree meets Daniel, a young man with dangerous connections and a penchant for taking in strays, including her, she finds it hard to move on. But the secret she hides risks doing more than driving them apart. It might just turn them into enemies. 

There’s also Tristan, a boy with secrets of his own—secrets that help Eve. As her strength grows and Bree struggles to keep up, the two girls are pitted against each other in a battle over the body they share. And with the Trackers closer than ever to finding them, there’s a chance neither of them will make it out alive.

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TooMuchSarcasm TooMuchSarcasm Jun 23, 2017
Yeah, mourning someone who most likely wouldn't show any mercy to both Eve and Bree if they begged to be let free.
zumra0 zumra0 Dec 19, 2017
Plot twist
                              She has a multiple personality disorder and all these trackers are actually doctors 🤔
TooMuchSarcasm TooMuchSarcasm Jun 23, 2017
She protects you. You cover it up. Simple the cycle goes on.
Nessah1 Nessah1 May 15
I love this book, it's my second time reading it. Why is it so underrated?👀
TooMuchSarcasm TooMuchSarcasm Jun 23, 2017
I like Eve more. Bree is more sensible but alot more boring.
00crossfire 00crossfire Jan 23, 2016
Ah, to start a story with sweet sweet murder means there will be more to come?