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"What are you in for boy?" His raspy voice ran through the cell as he looked down at me with curiosity.

"I-I don't know, I haven't done anything, I'm innocent." I stuttered stupidly, scared of what was happening to me and what could happen to me.

A dark chuckle escaped the mysterious mans lips, "No one is innocent, Convict." He sneered at me, giving me one last look before he made his way back over to his bunk, jumping onto the top with ease.

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yeah all cops usually like "GET THE FUCKK IN OR ILL SHOOT UR LEG"
Bruh this ain't how it's supposed to be 
                              Nvm smgdh 
                              *continues reading*   
                              *Yells* "FVCK THE JUDGE MY BABY IS INNOCENT"
bisexualbieber bisexualbieber 3 days ago
cant relate. my dad has been at the store, far too long😂😭
Me too but It ain't gonna happen😭😂😂😂 #ForeverAlone😂😂💔
maybe the person put the weapons on his fingers while he was sleeping???
I'm not a nerd I personally hate school myself but school helps us in many ways