Lady Jennie || TaeNnie

Lady Jennie || TaeNnie

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《A Taennie AU》


"Love doesn't always come first. Sometimes, time is what is needed to flourish the hearts of two."

Lady Jennie is a well-educated noble girl with grace and poise. A girl who was kept inside her family's manor all her life. She was thought to behave like a well-mannered lady for she is destined to be the future King's wife and queen.

But everything went downhill the moment she stepped inside the Palace of Athanasia to meet her betrothed, Prince Taehyung. All the etiquette lessons went flying outside the window.

Prince Taehyung brought out the hidden beast she didn't know she had.

Now what will happen to their engagement?


T.K.S. Lady Jennie



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Published on: 06/08/19

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