Mind the Thorns

Mind the Thorns

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Rob Osterman By MrOsterman Updated Apr 23, 2013

Regan knew her day was going down hill when she said "I Don't" while all her friends and family expected to hear "I Do", passed a middle when she found herself attacked and killed outside her favorite pub, and hit rock bottom when she awoke in a coffin still in her wedding dress. 

This is the tale of Regan Fairchild:  accountant, bachellorette, and Vampire.  Newly remade as a creature of the night she must learn her place in a society that mirrors our own mortal lives.  Hunger consumes her, fear rules her, and love remains a myth.  How will she find her place in the darkness? 

Or will she simply fade away again?

New chapters are posted every Monday.  Your votes, Dear Reader, will determine the outcome of Regan's story.  Check back and vote!

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MrOsterman MrOsterman Aug 26, 2012
@shikes Thank you!  Hope you can get caught up for chapter 11 to go live Monday. :)
MrOsterman MrOsterman Aug 12, 2012
@omg_poptarts Hey, thanks!  Hopefully the story keeps you going.  Remember every week a new chapter goes up and the readers get to vote on what happens.
omg_poptarts omg_poptarts Aug 12, 2012
im not into vampire but your story shows potential :) i think if you get the right attention to your story it could go places :)
                              your details and grammar seem fine although i never look for them i can tell the errors if theyre like BAM lol.
                              so good job on having an interesting plot and all :)
AskAlyssaAdvice AskAlyssaAdvice Aug 12, 2012
@MrOsterman Awesome! You have a finished book and you're an amazing writer, you can come! I sure hope this book is done by then and you can come! I'll send you a save the date when I get them finished!
AskAlyssaAdvice AskAlyssaAdvice Aug 11, 2012
Oh My God! This is an amazing book! Do you think you could finish it by spring 2013? If you can, I'd like to email you a 'save the date' for a young writers confrence I am hosting! Get back to me when you can and I'll get back to you when I can! :)