{COMPLETED} Jealously gxg bxb Satzu x Markson

{COMPLETED} Jealously gxg bxb Satzu x Markson

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Tzuyu_Yoda_1225 By Tzuyu_Yoda_1225 Completed

"Mark and Sana are look so good together"

"MarkSana is Real"

"Do u see the way they look at each other"

....Some people were saying as JYP nation 2019 started, Mark and Sana were just confused and shy about what the fans were saying and just continued what they were doing together on stage for Fan service.....

......While two people were glaring at every single person that said that, Jackson and Tzuyu looked at each other and smirked as an idea popped up in both of there heads "shall we make them jealous Tzuyu?".  "We shall after all there not the only ones that can start a fan service"

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