Like Rapunzel, but Not Really

Like Rapunzel, but Not Really

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amarawrrr By amarawrrr Updated Feb 04, 2018

Living a life out of a fairytale story is really not as it is cut out to be. I mean, Cinderella had to clean up a whole mansion by herself every day. Belle had to put up with a housemate who needed a shaver as much as he needed anger management classes. And don't even let me get started with Snow White and her stepmom's drama. Really, Rapunzel of the 21st century? I would rather be a tree. At least I would be contributing oxygen to the world.


Arianna had lost track of the number of houses, schools and countries she had moved to in order to run away from her crazy stalker until finally her Dad had just had enough and locked her up in the penthouse of The Tower, a building he owned in the city, with only her flamboyant cousin for company. 

But one desperate decision to sneak out of the house one night caused her an eventful meeting with Tristan, a mysterious boy, who suddenly seemed to be cropping up all the time after that first meet. Suddenly, the past quiet year was no longer peaceful. And she may just find herself forced to face the past she had been running from her whole life.

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