The Two Middles

The Two Middles

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She doesn't really fit in with the Nerds, or the Drama kids, or the Artists, or the Sporty crowd either. Is she a Popular kid? Nah, she'd rather barf. Come to think of it, she doesn't fit in anywhere, except right in the middle of the proverbial Food Chain of High School. 

That's where she fits in. She's a Middle. At a typical american High School, they're rare to come across. So how blessed she thinks she might be when she meets one of her own kind.

When Aubrey Jensen's green eyes meet a boy's charming hazel ones, her life takes a (mostly) pleasant turn. A stare down, a friend request, a chat and a stroll down the lane of emotions is all it takes, and BAM! they're best friends. Question is, how long before they drop the act?

3412idcel 3412idcel Nov 19, 2017
Actually what’s wrong with guys having green eyes and they are cute because where I go no one has green eyes and that cute like the guys in the stories
mary12033653 mary12033653 Jul 02, 2017
I'm home schooled so I can't have this good stuff happen to me unless u count my sister....
ana_maria_love ana_maria_love Mar 13, 2017
Ella es un cero a la izquierda 😂😂😂
                              She is a zero to the left  (I know it's not funny in english)
PiperDove PiperDove Apr 06, 2016
Omfg she's exactly like me except for the eye color, hair length, and grade
theEMpire4 theEMpire4 Dec 04, 2016
Why is this scary accurate to my situation with this guy I use to like since 3rd grade😳
bookloverPJO bookloverPJO Dec 05, 2016
I have never related to a character so much! Thus is me quite literally.