He's My Master

He's My Master

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Emily By emilytwin Updated Nov 04, 2015

A  group of teeneges girl gets taken away from their way of life to become a vampire's partner. They are forced to live a life that they may not want

How will they cope?
What will they do to them?
But the most inportant question...
Will they survive? 

 Quick Note

Thankyou for taking the time to read my book, please fan, comment or vote. I would really appreciate it <3

If it were me I would've screamed when Damon started touching me or struggled back when lucifer was all like "I will courteously let you lean on my chest"
oh my god I just started laughing so hard I don't know why what's wrong with me
MicheyJ MicheyJ Nov 28
You change point a views a lot. Like it says you're writing in lucifers POV but it's written in third...
oh my go she dead for now a partner wow too fast an she was on a porch and they took her
BarbieLove90 BarbieLove90 Sep 07, 2015
girl close your window hide under the bed and eat marsh mellows or something with a cup of your favorite drink
lyradelilah lyradelilah Apr 01, 2015
Seriously... Oh my...their loyalty... is really something...