One more time: Rebirth; Vol 1 (complete)

One more time: Rebirth; Vol 1 (complete)

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A hero after defeating the demon lord dies with him. Seeing as his time has come he felt great regret for all the things he couldn't do. As death takes him he opens his eyes as a baby in a brand new world. Reincarnated with his memories he will do his best to live a life with no regrets.

This is a long prologue for one more time: second reincarnation.

Please comment about the chapters and story itself so I can understand how I should proceed. Also if you like the story or chapter please vote and comment. :)

lynerparel lynerparel Nov 28
Why do you guys keep on saying give. Please enlighten this foolish one.
lanlocalarea lanlocalarea Jul 03, 2015
So Interesting :) .. hope to continue ^^ .. the 2nd reincarnation :) .. and i hope there is a 3rd reincarnation :)
-KirigayaKazuto- -KirigayaKazuto- Mar 14, 2015
I like it already i remember Angel Beats »»»»»» oh ............ The feels again !!!!!!!!!!!
Metrolnum143 Metrolnum143 Feb 26, 2015
Read the whole volume thou once was impressed with your work on it as well as your other works all fairly well done glad to see someone trying this reincarnation out as you have.
Candy_Grimn Candy_Grimn Feb 23, 2015
interesting story. it is kind of funny that she got reincarnated as a baby, and I like how you showed the baby's prespective
BlazerBoy BlazerBoy Feb 11, 2015
looks promising, but it has a few mistakes. Nothing an edit wouldn't fix. Otherwise, it has a Good plot and I like the idea of resurrection.