freshman // calum hood

freshman // calum hood

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[this probably needs to be edited and revised etc but I'm lazy so just be ware I wrote it when I was 14!!!]

every freshman gets picked by a senior,

that senior has to take their freshman to a party 

and get them wasted.

something made him pick her,

and something told him that when he did, he knew this wasn't just a game.
[FINISHED in December 2014]
cover made by starmukecoffee (thank you!)

I rolled my eyes so hard. I don't even have a room. I sleep on the couch
Cutehemmo Cutehemmo Jul 19
But it wasn't my real dad my mom and real dad never got married
Everybody complaining about where they live but HAVE YOU TRIED LIVING IN SOUTH TEXAS WHERE ITS HOT AS HELŁ
xSinnpai xSinnpai May 16
Everyone minds their business at my school 😂 everyone is just trying to graduate and get the hell out of there
tatotrashcan tatotrashcan Dec 26, 2016
Idk but this sentence made me go like OH GOD DAMN THIS IS GONNA BE A GOIOD FANFIC😂
sarcasticmike sarcasticmike Sep 13, 2016
funny how I thought I'd never see myself in this situation except I'm a sophomore now I'm lowkey living the book rn haha this is great