The Grinning Man

The Grinning Man

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Liz, Lizzy By ElizabethShadow Completed

--The grinning man
He's a sadistic man
He likes to hear us cry

He likes when we thrash about
And beg and beg to die

The Grinning man likes his gun
But has us kiss his knife
We listen to his whispers
Then wish he'd end our life

That grinning man has no name
No face. No love. No sympathy.

Nothing but fame.
Absent of dignity.

That man has for us no empathy.

Little one scream in fear
Grinning man oh grinning man
Don't come near!......--

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YanelyRose15 YanelyRose15 Aug 07, 2015
He sounds like a rapist hahaha. honestly though it sounds like a rapist. this poem was very good
xXKitCatXx xXKitCatXx Feb 14, 2013
This seems like something i would write. This is pretty awesome. You should write more like this. I like it. ;) keep up the awesomeness
EVUHorror EVUHorror Aug 09, 2012
@ElizabethShadow I'll be sure to come back and reread it the day you tweak it around then! Until then keep up the awesome ideas.
ElizabethShadow ElizabethShadow Aug 09, 2012
@EVUHorror Thank you so much I'm so glad you say that, one day after this gets out of my head I'll be going back and teaking it but right now it's still too fresh but I completely agree and am grateful for your constructive critism it really helps XD thanks again
                              <3 Liz
                              Stay Beautiful
EVUHorror EVUHorror Aug 09, 2012
There were a few places I would have tweaked the wording so it would flow a little more smoothly but other than that this was amazing. It set a good mood and kept it up throughout the whole thing. I could just imagine the "Grinning Man" as I read this. Definitely going in my favorites reading list!
kickassdaisy kickassdaisy Aug 09, 2012
@ElizabethShadow T___T does that mean...... were back together?!?!? :O YAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MY DARLING!!!!!!!! well.... looks like u and mermaid rapist are sharing me............. SEXUAL PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - dances on pole -