Ereri (ErenxLevi) A Loving Mistake (An Attack On Titan Fic) (Yaoi)

Ereri (ErenxLevi) A Loving Mistake (An Attack On Titan Fic) (Yaoi)

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Eren Jaeger is a fourth year high school student (18), and Levi Rivaille is a twenty one year old bartender. Both of them are "straight" (as a fricking circle) although they don't quite know that... So, What will happen when they cross paths at a bar and wake up in the same bed? Find out in Ereri- A Loving Mistake.

*If you are sensitive to any of the following, please take caution in reading this story*
Mentions of cutting, self harm, suicide, anorexia, depression, attemped assault, etc.

[cover art is not mine. Credit goes to the artist.]

Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Jul 14
                              Dude if I'd go for him too..
                              I know I'm not the only one admit it guys
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Jul 14
Everyone tells me I look like a boy I'm like
                              Thanks guys.. really..
accioromione accioromione 5 days ago
I'm sorry, is this Armin we're talking about??? Who possessed him?
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Jul 14
                              The heck you can't just leave out the details...
lee_gayyong lee_gayyong Mar 08
I haven't read this in so long oh my god yes already amazing 12/10