Ereri (ErenxLevi) A Loving Mistake (An Attack On Titan Fic) (Yaoi)

Ereri (ErenxLevi) A Loving Mistake (An Attack On Titan Fic) (Yaoi)

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Eren Jaeger is a fourth year high school student (18), and Levi Rivaille is a twenty one year old bartender. Both of them are "straight" (as a fricking circle) although they don't quite know that... So, What will happen when they cross paths at a bar and wake up in the same bed? Find out in Ereri- A Loving Mistake.

*If you are sensitive to any of the following, please take caution in reading this story*
Mentions of cutting, self harm, suicide, anorexia, depression, attemped assault, etc.

[cover art is not mine. Credit goes to the artist.]

Dixie3069 Dixie3069 Feb 01
How? It is there fault for not watching the road might as well blame the deer
GayerThanSportsAnime GayerThanSportsAnime Dec 28, 2016
You guys are cute together but BACK OFF ARMIN ITS LEVI'S TURN
I like shoes with not so high heels, but of you dance three hours with high heels....Rip feet
earnnn earnnn Jan 09
"Don't drink and drive" --> learnt this from attack on titan crack 😂
AnimatedAuthor AnimatedAuthor Jul 19, 2016
He always looks fücking sexy. Let's be real. Did you see him pop out of that Titan like a newborn shooting out of a woman? And how he was sparkling? Isayama knows what's good.
pastelois pastelois Nov 16, 2016
but why is everyone hating her?? like eren even said he was being a pain, i wouldn't put up with his shitt either