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Look At Me

Look At Me

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Do you want to know? By tsarbobsburgers Completed


[Major construction on Chapter 14 onwards]
Rachel Harper and her uber rich "boyfriend" Viktor Spielberg were just having fun being college students. Then bam! One foolish night left Rachel scared and with a secret. A secret she could not tell Viktor. She ran away to protect it. She thought the secret would be safe forever but she had to come back and face him. What will happen if they meet again? 


"Do you realize that you are speaking to the CEO of this company? Your employment is in my hands, you better treat me with respect!"

"Respect? It's funny that's coming from you". She mumbled the last part since the stare of his eyes told her he was getting angry. So was she but she's not that brave.

"What the hell do you mean by that!?" She just insulted him in front of his face in his office for crying out loud. She definitely changed.

"Nothing... never mind. Please, I just want to be treated normally, like any other applicant. Just send me to the human resources and I'll be out of your face. Treat me normally. Please." She pleaded. She can't stop from talking back to him which might cause her the job so it's better for her if someone else will interview her.

He smiled "You know, it's hard to treat you like any other applicant here because you're the only one here that I've made love with." Her eyes popped and could not believe what she just heard. He was regaining his cool and was playing her. Damn him. He still had power over her.

She gave up. "So are you going to interview me or what?"

I'm not ready for the cringe. I gotta stop. Bye. 
                              *continues reading*
readafew readafew Mar 13, 2015
I know that's how plots get made, but still i need to say it: Your girl's an idiot.
JMFelic JMFelic Jan 28, 2015
I see almost the same plots like these with other books but yours is intriguing me. I would love to continue reading it and see what happens. ^^
Okami309 Okami309 Dec 06, 2014
Man, if I was dating Viktor,  I would make sure he would regret ever saying that. UGH I love being riled up so much by characters like him but then it's like, it's just a character. I love it when characters come alive and you did a really good job with Viktor! Eros @AdraneisMousa
hinatatlaltelpa hinatatlaltelpa Dec 04, 2014
Very nice, sad prologue. Although, Rachael shouldn't have accepted. This seems like it's a little like the romantic, Japanese manga. But I like it a lot
lovekittie lovekittie Dec 03, 2014
ok I did not think Rachel would accept the offer. I would really like you to describe how they look like so I don't have to guess