I Think I Love You... But You Kind of Scare me (The Academy Series)

I Think I Love You... But You Kind of Scare me (The Academy Series)

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erin; (: By empressofthepen Completed

Laurie knows there was something weird about the Hardy Boys. She guessed it was the vibe she got from going to a school where everyone has a power, but somehow she knows they're different.

Drawn to Kane Hardy and split between him and his brother, Laurie begins to learn the truth.

Curiosity really did kill the cat.

bettyboo125bo bettyboo125bo Aug 16, 2010
this is an interesting story...hhe guy that you have for a picture of Kane Hardy...his name is James Lafferty...he plays on CW's One Tree Hill
Brittbritt101 Brittbritt101 Aug 16, 2010
This is pretty good! I hate I can't continue any longer.. i have to log off.. I really apreciate you reading my story it means a lot!!
myhappymonster myhappymonster Jul 05, 2010
@vocal_aDRINalin Sorry for not finishing. *sigh* I'll read the rest tomorrow, I'll have a better idea of my thoughts by then. ^_^
                              Mind reading some of mine? I just updated.
- - Jul 02, 2010
love this!
                              and your cast as well, :)
                              very original :D
                              x ting
LmfAo_SR LmfAo_SR Jul 01, 2010
good job erin its good i like it although it does give off a little bit of a harry potter vibe but no worries its good and i will continue to read. and can you do me a favor and read my story too:) its my first and i hope you like it its called 
                              "the chosen ones"
Emmahj153 Emmahj153 Jun 30, 2010
Heeeey Erin, I'm wondering why there's a "part 1 of  9" above your first page? I really need to learn more about this website...>.<