A little bit of Light (BoyxBoy)

A little bit of Light (BoyxBoy)

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Hey world <3 This is just small description of my newest story. Chapter one might be likewise posted tonight if my fans show an intreast <3


Riley Fallen is a bully. He dominate his friends and thinks himself better then anyone else. This illusion would be perfectly in place for the rest of his life... if it wasn't for a small boy named Charlie who grew up on Riley's street. Rivals since they were young, Riley never understood what frustrated him so much about the other boy. It might not turn out to be such a good thing if he takes a long hard look at his feelings....


Quinn and Tyson Gale are step-brothers... but that's only half the story. Having kissed each other since the time they both understood what a 'kiss' was, you'd think their rather strange relationship would be as strong as concrete. And it was until Tyson decided a girlfriend would fit nicely into his reputation. What happens when a very unhappy Quinn is out for revenge, driven by jealousy and love?...

Frostyesque Frostyesque Jan 31, 2016
loool  thank goodness I'm not the only person here bc of the awesome cover xD
_aesthetic_lly _aesthetic_lly Oct 07, 2015
*sees Cameron ugh on the cover* o_o *taps book ten times in order to read*
Lee-Hani Lee-Hani Sep 07, 2014
Trust me, i clicked this book just because of the cover. it's so awesome!!
Total_Outcast Total_Outcast Jul 06, 2014
I love the cover! How did you make the cover for this one and the sequel
JudgejeanofallGums JudgejeanofallGums Apr 13, 2013
I love how you write the description :) I want to see how you will connect the the plot :D
Erroribus Erroribus Jul 14, 2011
This sound really interesting. I like that you have three plots going. Looking forward to reading. i will be adding it to my library, since I'm kinda supposed to be writing at the moment.... :3