Time Out

Time Out

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Harlow Winters By harlowwinters Updated 3 days ago

For a twenty year old, Raven Tolson has a job that involves a lot of risk-taking. Some worth the risk, some extremely lethal.

Working for The League of Designated Young Spies, Agent Tolson is onto her third mission ― when she accidentally gets sucked into a portal hidden inside a burnt down library. Suddenly, she is a "vagabond" in the small town of Greyford back in 1880; dumbfounded at the sight of horse drawn carriages instead of diesel run cars.

Catapulted back in the nineteenth century with no knowledge of finding a way home, Raven's destiny soon intertwines with ordinary farm boy Nicholas Cantelberry and the case of The Triskelion.

Now urged to fight The Battle of Greyford and meet her late mother, will Raven make it back home alive or with more information than she'd like?


"Fast paced and full of surprising turns like a thriller movie, this book is the very definition of action. It's also wonderful and not at all common in this kind of novel, to not only have a thrilling adventure, but also get to see how very different characters can thrive in their very own life-styles." -The Hip Generation

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