Mate Chase (Complete, Unedited)

Mate Chase (Complete, Unedited)

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Rebecca Guminski By Chuggs3y Completed

Welcome to the biannual Mate Chase. Where 18+ year old, unmated werewolves are dropped off on werewolf land, filled with trees and caves, that is ten square miles in size. Where the females run and wait to be found, and the males chase their female mate and claim her. Where for twenty four hours Evangeline is going to run from her mate. Or so she thinks.

 "Stop! Evangeline what are you doing?! Go to our mate. He's going to think we don't want him. Not to mention, you're making his wolf sad. Please Evangeline! We need him," my wolf whines. I know that if I stop he will catch me immediately and I'm afraid of that thought. So, I just push myself faster, but I'm getting tired and my legs are starting to shake even worse. 

I can't go on like this much longer, so I allow myself to slow momentarily to look around for a hiding place, and that's when I hear it. Footsteps. 

The scent of hazelnut and chocolate overcome my senses becoming stronger by the second. I know who it is instantly and it halts me in my tracks. 

"Mate," I breath out on a whisper. More coughs wrack my body and I wince with each one. When they stop, I stand stock still. The presence of my Mate hangs thick in the air. The footsteps die down and a low growl replaces them. I don't move, keeping my back to my mate. 
Strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me against a hard, warm body. I hold back my wince at the effect the impact has on my tender ribs. He leans his head down to my neck and inhales my scent my deeply. "MINE," a deep, masculine voice states. 

My last thought before the darkness claims me is, "Oh shit."

R [Restriced] 18+

Kitsune-uchiha Kitsune-uchiha Oct 03, 2016
My math teacher in 6th grade SOMEHOW managed to give me a F-
myxbiebergrande myxbiebergrande Aug 31, 2016
Your first book and the best I've ever read wtf (yes this is my third time reading this story)
Shadowhunter_FL Shadowhunter_FL Sep 11, 2016
She made this the day after my b day!!! 
                              I'm reading this September 11 2016
Dark_Demon69 Dark_Demon69 Nov 19, 2016
Lol my best friend would be like "go get him gurl and if he misbehaves with u u gon come and tell me cuz I'll help u beat him up
ObsessedFanLol ObsessedFanLol Oct 31, 2016
Your locations doesn't make sense, and your grammar throughout the story has not been very good. My grammar is atrocious, so I get it. Anyway, I would recommend you should find an editor.
HotChocolateSyrup HotChocolateSyrup Sep 29, 2016
I really needed the motivation. This made me smile. Thank you :)