Darkest Shade - Troyler (AU)

Darkest Shade - Troyler (AU)

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incxngruous By incxngruous Updated Aug 01, 2015

Troye leaves Australia and moves to the US to follow his dream of working in one of the biggest film companies in the world. Owned by, the one and only, Tyler Oakley. 

He has been obsessed with Tyler's work for years now, but his complete a utter admiration for the young film magnate could lead him down a path and lifestyle he might not like that much, at first.

IMPORTANT - HIGHLY explicit (SMUT WARNING). No self-harm, but I don’t know if some of the content could be triggering somehow. Expect also a lot of drama and some fluffy scenes as the story develops. 

This is an AU (Alternative Universe) which means the character descriptions might not match the real ones, completely. (Age, sexuality, height, weight, traits, etc. May vary slightly) 

Also, please take into consideration that I speak Spanish even though the story is written in English. So expect some grammatical errors and either point them out nicely or deal with them until I get an editor, if I ever do. That being said, any constructive criticism is always welcomed. 
Please enjoy     x.

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emperorhuxx emperorhuxx Jun 06, 2016
I remember reading this like 2 years ago and being so obsessed with it lmao did this thing ever finish
taekooksyuta taekooksyuta Sep 21, 2015
I don't want to read this, I really don't, be here I am, reading this... I have an ax so uh.. Yeah. I know this is a spin off for "Fifty Shades Of Gray" so yeah... Lord help me.
- - May 27, 2015
                              OMFG I JUST LOOKED AT THE NEXT CHAPTER NAME XDD
mikeyismyjoy mikeyismyjoy Nov 07, 2014
wait what is this 50 shades of troyler?! goddamnit i want to read this so badly
peppermintbb peppermintbb Jul 29, 2014
bdsmtroye bdsmtroye Jul 29, 2014
I got so excited when I saw that this is basically a Troyler version of 50 shades of gray holy shit like yay smutty smut smut